Group Therapy and Mindfulness

This group will meet once a week in beautiful East Boca Raton. It will be held in a spacious, calm and comfortable setting. Join us as we embark on a journey together to create a more fulfilling way of being! I do believe that One can best take care of the future by learning to be more conscious of the present moment! The group will focus on many different mindfulness techniques and meditations, stress management, coping skills, self esteem and assertiveness. We will also focus on our goals, progress and challenges in each of our lives, information on cutting edge information in neuroscience and how we can apply it to our everyday life and in relationship with ourselves and with others! Call 9543830975 to get more information on this group and new way of Being!
I also run a Women's self esteem, process and empowerment group that incorporates Mindfulness and Meditation. This group meets once every two weeks and will focus each session on different aspects of communication such as active listening , assertiveness as apposed to aggressiveness, being present etc.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom".
Anais Nin

In group therapy we learn to stretch interpersonally. how to listen actively, become more tolerant, see ourselves honestly, become less self conscious, breath deeply, give feedback and find our own voice which subsquently helps us when we go out into the world and relate.

MINDFULNESS means paying attention in a particular way,
On purpose,
In the present moment and non-judgementally.

Jon Kabat-Zin

Mindfulness is like training a muscle, training attention to where you want it to be, reduces our tendency to work on auto-pilot, allowing us to choose
how to respond and react in each given moment. We will explore the latest findings in neuroscience and learn how to use our brain more effectively.

We will also focus in the group on being fully aware, working to create a new consciousness where the constant mind chatter (monkey mind)
is, in time, replaced with a calm presence. It incorporates active and non-active meditiations and breathing techniques.

It is non-striving, non-clinging, accepting, letting go in a non-judgemental way.
It attempts to break that cycle and replace it with a more refined outlook of the world.

Sound good? Come on over and join us! Call me at 954 3830975 to discuss.
I will do my best for this group to be both stimulating and exciting!

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